Way Beyond Expectations! Amazing Staff! Great Time!
Just Try it - I’m Hooked!
— Alan D. - April 2019
The Dreamscape Escape Room Game


You're trapped in a mind upload experiment!  Surrounded by surreal objects, you know that things have gone terribly wrong, and they only have the potential to get worse... Can you get out before they do?

30% Success Rate

4-6 Players

Fallout Escape Room Game


The year was 1977 when the US was attacked. The Nuclear Winter that followed was long, grueling & terrifying.  Very few buildings remain from that time except this fallout shelter which still stands. A monument, or perhaps a tomb.

46% Success Rate

3-8 Players

So far, we’ve done CSI and Museum. I absolutely LOVED both. We are going to do Fallout this week and I can’t wait!!!
— Lisa Marie D. - April 2019
Conspiracy Escape Room Game


You are about to uncover the truth to one of America's greatest mysteries. All the answers lie within this famous starlet's Hollywood home. Can you uncover her secrets before you are discovered?  

49% Success Rate

2-6 Players



The Professor has spent his life unlocking the clues held within the walls of this museum, but now he has vanished.  Will your team solve the mystery before he's gone forever? 

42% Success Rate

2-8 Players

CSI Escape Room Game


Murder! No one can figure out what happened here.  You and your friends will have to bring your best investigative skills to the scene and solve this case before you become suspects!


2-6 Players