Since 2016, Escape Games Worcester has welcomed over 50,000 visitors with unique escape room experiences and received over 1,000 5-Star reviews on TripAdvisor, Facebook, and Google. Our escape rooms will provide you with a sense of mystery, a bit of a challenge, and a wealth of fun. We hope you’ll come and visit us soon.

We do our best to help accommodate all our players, so feel free to reach out and hopefully we can help you find the game and time you desire or answer any other questions you may have. Send us a message on our Contact Form or call us at 855-372-4263.

+ What can I expect?

FUN! Our Gamemasters do a great job of guiding you through the experience and making sure you and your team are prepared to escape. Our games aren't easy, but if you work together you have a good chance of acheiving success. All of our games are story-based experiences in which you and your team will need to work together to solve the mystery and escape the room.

+ How Do Your Escape Games Work?

Upon arrival, your Gamemaster will brief you on your mission. After you enter the room, you'll have 60 minutes to solve a series of story-based puzzles and escape the room. You'll also have 3 clues which you can request from your Gamemaster at any time to help you when you get stuck. Your Gamemaster is not in the room with you. All of our rooms are run via audio/visual systems. Solve the puzzles, uncover the mystery, escape the room.

+ Can we just show up to play a game?

You can, but it's best to book tickets in advance to play our games. We do accept walk-ins, but we can't guarantee space will be available. You can also call us at 855-372-4263 to see if space is available.

+ Can we fit more people in a room than the number you suggest?

You can, although your experience may be different with more people. It is not that our rooms are too small, but each room's gameplay is designed to ideally suit 6-8 people depending on the room you are in. If you are with a group of people and wish to bring a few more people into a room, that should be fine. Extra members of your group can pay when they arrive at our facility. We do not recommend having more than 6 players in our Dreamscape game.

+ Are there restrictions on who can play? (Age, etc.)

Games are recommended for children 8+ unless otherwise stated. There is no issue with brining in younger children, just know that the puzzle concepts may be challenging. Groups of children 11 and under should have an adult in the room with them.

If you are repeating a scenario, you must either be in a group of other “second(+) timers,” or have booked a full scenario with a group of friends who are all aware that you have already played once. (Otherwise, this would be unfair, and un-fun, for your teammates.)

+ Is it scary?

It's not meant to be. The lights may get dim at some points and there may be a few sounds, but it is not horror based and certainly no one is going to jump out at you. Our games are designed to test your ability to think creatively and work together. Our Crime Scene (PG-13) game does contain some subject matter related to the theme of the game that may not be suitable for younger children.

+ Is it safe?

Completely. You're never truly locked in the room. All guests have the ability to leave the room or game at any time on their own accord. Our games do not require any participants to be locked into any tight or restrictive situations. Our building is newly renovated and equipped with overhead sprinklers throughout our entire facility.

+ Do you offer birthdays or private party bookings?

We DO! We have a wonderful event space and when you book a private party with us you have the entire venue to yourselves. You can find more information or request a party time via this link.

+ Are corporate/full venue bookings available?

Yes! Escape Games are great team building events. Full-venue bookings are available on weekday mornings and afternoons, and some evenings. Get in touch to schedule your booking.

+ How much does this cost?

All tickets are $27 per person.

+ Waiver

All participants must sign a waiver prior to playing. You can sign the waiver at our location or online in advance. CLICK HERE FOR WAIVER. Youth under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult. All Youth under the age of 17 must have a waiver filled out for the by an adult.

+ Are your rooms wheelchair accessible?

Our building is 100% wheelchair accessible. There is an elevator at the main entrance. All of our rooms will allow access for wheelchairs, however, there may be elements or areas to every game that will limit full, inividual accessibility. If you give us a call or email, we'll be happy to help give you more information.

+ Where can I park?

On weekends parking is free! Just use the lot across the street from 108 Grove Street. Parking is also free in the lot after 4:00PM on weekdays. If you receive a parking ticket at the lot, please have us validate it for you before you depart. 2-hour and metered parking is always available on street. It is advised that you do not park in the lot before 4pm on weekdays as you risk being towed.

+ Where are you located?

We're at 108 Grove Street in Worcester, MA. Enter the lobby of the Northworks Building and head downstairs, we are down the hall to the right.